Hi, I’m Claire


Me, myself and I are working on making a difference for you, your life and your business, one step at a time!

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So, you’re thinking of working with me? That’s awesome news!
Allow me tell you more about the different ways in which I can help you:

Web Development

I’m the gal you typically come to for the development of online business applications. Whether it be a customised solution or customising WordPress to suit your needs, I’ve got the skills and experience required to get the job done.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Having built a number of websites over the years, I’ve gained a solid understanding of SEO and have learned to build websites with basic SEO in mind.

Running my own online portals where traffic is of the essence, I’ve had to delve extensively into the field of SEO to ensure that these websites generate traffic and rank well on the search engines. I have worked with numerous highly recognised SEO companies (both locally and in the UK) and make an effort to keep abreast of all the latest SEO requirements and techniques.

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Online Marketing / Online Business Consultant

I have a passion for online marketing and find it incredibly exciting and rewarding.

Having run multiple websites and marketing to various target markets, I know what works and what doesn’t. In addition, I’ve had the opportunity of doing online business courses with top international entrepreneurs – incredible minds whom I still follow, watch and learn from on a daily basis.

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Database Development

I have worked on a variety of databases in my career ranging old fashioned databases to the more popular or trendy-like databases. I manage databases weekly for either clients or for my own websites ensuring databases are working correctly, running correctly and optimised as best as possible.

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Software Development

Whether you are looking for online software development, a windows application or even mobile application,  I can assist you. I have built a number of applications for a variety of different companies and have extensive knowledge and connections on ensuring your application gets developed perfectly.

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