Hi, I’m Claire


Me, myself and I are working on making a difference for you, your life and your business, one step at a time!

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I’m passionate about people, but more specifically about empowering spirited entrepreneurs and strong, independent women. Through various online projects, I’ve managed to connect with thousands of inspiring individuals from across the world, ultimately enabling me to spread the love and knowledge. And this is only the beginning…

My Background

A born and bred Cape Town girl, I studied and worked as a programmer for over 5 years before starting my first business in 2003 called Mammoth Solutions (now called Mammoth Digital).

Initially, my programming skills were for Windows based applications and after years of developing systems for Old Mutual, Dole South Africa, ViaData and a number of other companies, I discovered the internet and couldn’t resist delving into the online technologies available. This is where my skills and knowledge grew into what is now online web development, systems database design and development, social media, online marketing and more!

With the knowledge  I have, I have built products and businesses I can be proud of. Take a look at my projects for more info.

My Family

The stars of my daily show are my 2 boys, Ethan and Jake, and my long time love of my life who I met in 1996, Ryan. We have been married since 2004 and these 3 men hold my heart strings in the palms of their hands!

50 Facts About Me

Here are a few facts about yours truly and as I come up with a more, I’ll add to this list!

  1. I’m a big softy.
  2. I am serious busy body when it comes to creating new ideas (and businesses)!
  3. I love chocolate, especially Cadbury Top Deck.
  4. My favourite item of clothing is a pair of jeans.
  5. I have an older brother who lives in the States.
  6. I’m quite shy, but still manage to shoot videos for ClaireTV and my other sites.
  7. I’m addicted to caffeine (love to have a cappuccino any day!)
  8. I’m a Cancerian.
  9. My eyes are generally green-grey and when I’m sad, they change to a blue-grey colour. (My husband says they do go red some days!)
  10. One of my most favourite sounds in the world are the sounds of my boys, Ethan and Jake, laughing.
  11. Telephones make me nervous – I will always choose email over telephone.
  12. Some of my nicknames include Mrs Moody, Wissa, Claire-Bear, Claireese, “C” and Babe (husband only!).
  13. I’m a terrible cook!
  14. I dream of writing a children’s book some day.
  15. I want to do public speaking one day, some day when I can get over my fear of public speaking.
  16. I’m extremely accident prone – I have burnt, scratched, peeled, electrocuted myself many times!
  17. I’m quite often misunderstood (I have bad body language when I’m in new places or meet new people as a result of being shy).
  18. I live in the Overberg, South Africa area.
  19. My husband, Ryan, is my best friend.
  20. Ryan and I got married in 6 November 2004.
  21. Black and blue are my favourite colours.
  22. I have black hair.
  23. I type fast, very fast (not touch type)! I’ve impressed a few typists in my day.
  24. I almost never bath i.e. I LOVE a hot shower!
  25. Shaun T is my exercise buddy – Insanity and T25 are the 2 workouts I rely on to keep fit and stay strong!
  26. I wear my heart on my sleeve and as a result, I get hurt very easily (in both business and personal life).
  27. What you see with me is what you get.
  28. I absolutely LOVE making people laugh!!
  29. I suffer from depression, so life can seem harder some days than others.
  30. I have always wanted to make a difference in the world – I’m still trying to find out how that looks or what that is exactly.
  31. I consider the people I work with my family.
  32. I’m an animal lover (don’t let me see / hear you hurting an animal – I will take action!)
  33. I battle with my weight (especially since children).
  34. I don’t like vegetables much. I’ll eat them, but despite how good they are for you, I am not a huge fan!
  35. Places I want to visit in my life time are Rome, New York City, Prague, South America.
  36. I would love to do the Inca Trail with Ryan one day.
  37. Bad drivers freak me out!
  38. I hate traffic jams.
  39. I can rub my tummy with one hand and tap my head with the other hand at the same time.
  40. I love WordPress!
  41. My Dad passed away as a result of having cancer in 2001.
  42. My Mom lives a few blocks from me.
  43. I enjoy a lekker braai (BBQ) or a pizza on a night with friends.
  44. I have 2 rescued dogs from dog welfare, Rufus and Jack.
  45. My favourite phrase is: “Rome wasn’t built in a day” – always told to me by my grandfather, Diddy.
  46. I love a good Thriller or Comedy movie on a rainy day.
  47. Frozen yoghurt is my choice of an ice-cold something-something on a hot day.
  48. I can’t live without my notebook that goes everywhere with me.
  49. I like simplicity.
  50. I’m still searching for my ultimate hobby!